About Us


La Tortilandia

 La Tortilandia began as a mobile food vendor in the south side of Fort Worth, Texas in 1986.  After great success it soon grew and became one of the first authentic and traditional Mexican restaurants located in the south side of  Fort Worth. 

In order to continue expanding the owner decided to move his restaurant to another location down the street and now current location on 1112 West Berry, Fort Worth, Texas. Here he was able to combine both his new and authentic recipes and also offer Mexican style breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as traditional Mexican style seafood.


Fresh Food. Real Tradition.

 La Tortilandia is still committed to serving only the finest foods, made with the freshest ingredients. La Tortilandia makes a promise to have all their dishes made from scratch and its traditional decor and friendly atmosphere is perfect for the whole family to enjoy.   

Where food is always fresh and traditional and made with style and flavor from central and southern Mexico. 

Donde la comida esta siempre fresca 

y hecha con estilo y sabor del centro y sur de Mexico. 



We've been in business for over 33 years and our staff has also become family. We are so lucky to even have some employees working with us for over 20 years. 

Not only is our staff our family, but so are our customers. We've seen our customer's families grow and their children become our regulars. Thank you for being part of our Familia!


Special Events and Catering

Our restaurant is available to cater for your private events: weddings, business lunches, dinners, and more. We would love to discuss how to be a part of your next event.